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Spam-Blocking Service Pays Customers
Jul 17, 2012
Seattle-based Spam Arrest LLC scored a victory over unwanted-email spam in settling a lawsuit against a mass-marketing firm, and is distributing cash from the settlement to its customers. Read more...
Spam Arrest Wins Lawsuit Against Hormel Over Spam Trademark
Nov 28, 2007
After a five year litigation, Spam Arrest wins the David and Goliath battle to keep its trademark and protect the anti-spam industry from further lawsuits Read more...
Spam Arrest Continues Its Trademark Fight Against Hormel
Jan 8, 2007
After a Half Million in Fees, the Final Hearing in Spam Arrest's Long Battle Against Hormel Will Occur in New York, Feb. 23, 2007 Before a Live Audience of Trademark Attorneys Read more...
Spam Arrest Offers Free 90 Day Trial To Blue Security Users
May 23, 2006
Spam Arrest offers Blue Security Blue Frog Software users a free 90 day trial of Spam Arrest's patent protected, web-based, anti-spam service. Read more...
Statement By Spam Arrest LLC Concerning Mailblocks Litigation
August 13, 2004
Spam Arrest and Mailblocks have amicably settled a longstanding patent lawsuit pending in federal court in Seattle. Read more...
Spam Arrest LLC Puts Final Can On Hormel's Spam Trademark Action
May 28, 2004
Spam Arrest LLC, which provides the popular software and services to eliminate e-mail spam, filed a legal brief today to end Hormel's federal trademark action against it. SpamArrest LLC (www.spamarrest.com) said today subscriptions to its Internet junk email blocking system are growing by more than 20% per month.Read more...
Spamarrest LLC Tells Hormel Foods Corporation To Can Its Trademark Challenge
June 30, 2003
Spam Arrest LLC, a fast-growing Seattle Internet company, says the Hormel Foods Corporation is challenging the trademark on its popular system to fight email spam. Read more...
Federal Court Denies Attempt By Mailblocks, Inc. To Shut Down Spamarrest LLC
June 11, 2003
Chief U.S. District Judge Hands SpamArrest a Victory, Saying Mailblocks Fails To Prove Valid Patents for "Challenge-Response" System to Stop Junk Email Read more...
Internet Users Reach "Spam Frustration Quota" (Sfq) And Create Explosive Growth For Spamarrest Junk Email Blocking System
June 9, 2003
Spam Arrest LLC (www.spamarrest.com) said today subscriptions to its Internet junk email blocking system are growing by more than 20% per month. Read more...

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