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Spam Arrest offers a generous compensation to its affiliates. Not only will you make a 50% commission on each paying subscriber you refer to our site, you will also receive commissions on customers referred by that subscriber, and referrals from their referrals too!

Affiliate Program Benefits & Features

  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Offer Free Email Accounts
  • Real Time Online Affiliate Management
  • Bonus for Referring New Affiliates
  • Same Commission Rates on Renewals

That's right, if you sign up a paying subscriber, and any of the people who send them mail subscribe to Spam Arrest as well, you receive an additional commission on those people, AND people who sign up because of those people. (See table below for more details)

Read the Spam Arrest Affiliate FAQ (PDF)
Read the Spam Arrest Affiliate Terms

Do you know anyone else who might be interested in our affiliate program? For a limited time, refer another affiliate, and you'll get a bonus equal to 10% of their commissions.

Program Details
Direct Referrals 50% of subscriber signup fee (approx. $10 each)
2nd Tier Referrals
(referred by direct referrals)
35% of subscriber signup fee (approx. $7 each)
3rd Tier Referrals
(referred by second tier referrals)
20% of subscriber signup fee (approx $4 each)
Affiliate Referral Bonus 10% of commissions earned by referred affiliates
Enterprise Referral Bonus $49.95 after first month

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