Spam Arrest

Key Features

  • Patented challenge/response technology blocks 100% of automated spam.
  • Get a new email address (yourname@spamarrest.com), as well as protect your existing mailboxes.
  • Access your email using your favorite POP3/IMAP-compatible program (such as Outlook or Eudora), or from anywhere using our powerful webmail system.

More Features

Below is a list of some of the standard features and upgrades available with your Spam Arrest subscription.

Feature Description
Challenge / Response Anti-Spam Technology Challenge / Response technology blocks 100% of automated spam, with no false positives.
Webmail Webmail allows you to access your email from any web browser, without having to install any additional software.
POP3/IMAP Support POP3 and IMAP are standard email protocols that allow you to access your email from your email program or handheld device.

We also support POP3S and IMAPS for secure email access.
SMTP Support with Auto-Authorization SMTP is a standard protocol used for sending email. When you send email through the Spam Arrest SMTP server or webmail, the person you are sending email to is automatically added to your whitelist, so that they can reply to you without having to complete the verification process.
Protect Your Existing Email Accounts Protect and consolidate up to 5 of your existing email accounts into one spam-free mailbox.
1GB Mail Storage Don't worry about running out of disk space, with 1GB of mail storage included, you can leave a copy of all of your important emails on our server.
Multiple Whitelist Options You can authorize incoming messages based on sender email, sender domain, recipient email, mailing list email, and more.
Sub-Addresses (Trackers) Create an unlimited number of disposable addresses to help control and categorize your email.
Anti-Virus Protection Our anti-virus system provides maximum security against email-based viruses and security exploits.
Anti-Phishing Protection Industry-standard SPF technology protects you from forged "phishing" emails.
Customizable Challenge Email Add a custom message to the challenge email that is sent to unknown senders.
Mailbox Forwarding Forward your Spam Arrest inbox to another email account or wireless device.
Vacation Auto-Reply Setup an auto-reply for when you are away from your email.
Confirmed Email Delivery Find out when people read the email that you sent to them.
Mail Delivery Rules Automatically perform various actions (discard, forward, copy/move to folder) upon the arrivals of new email, based on specified criteria.
Upgrades Description
Customizable Verification Process For an additional fee, you can customize the verification process that senders complete with your own text, photo/logo, and more.
Inbox Backup Service For an additional fee, you can store a backup copy of your Spam Arrest inbox. If you accidentally delete a message, you can easily restore it using this service.
Protect More Existing Email Accounts For an additional fee, you can protect an unlimited number of existing email accounts.
Live Chat and Priority Support Options For an additional fee, you can chat live with our support department, or place your email request at the front of our queue.

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