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The following are excerpts from selected news articles featuring Spam Arrest. Links have been provided where available.

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Spam Arrest: A solution for eliminating spam
Phil Baker - June 21, 2010
If you can't detect spam 100 percent of the time, you can still prevent it from getting in your inbox. How? By blocking all e-mail, except from those that you've preapproved. This is the basis of Spam Arrest, a challenge/response e-mail system that I've been trying out for about a month. Before delivering e-mail to you, it checks to see if the sender is on your approved list. This list is made up of all the e-mail addresses in your contact list and any others that you have previously approved. Read more about Spam Arrest
E-mail add-ons can tame even the peskiest inbox
The Boston Globe - March 26, 2009
I'm far more aggressive about my personal messages, with help from a very effective service called Spam Arrest, available at www.spamarrest.com. The first time someone sends me an e-mail, Spam Arrest sends an automatic reply that requires him to type some randomly chosen words. Read more about Spam Arrest
Tech Q and A: What Routers Can and Can't Do
Fox News - July 01, 2008
I get 250 or more pieces of spam every day of the week — and more on weekends, since the spammers seem to think I'm more likely to read and respond on my days off. Yet I only see 1 or 2 pieces each week. Why? The solution I have used for several years can be found at www.spamarrest.com. Spamarrest works by downloading e-mail from all of your accounts and forwarding to your computer only those from senders on your approved list (your "whitelist"). Read More about Spam Arrest
Spam, spam, and trademark with spam
Seattle Times - Sunday Morning Muzz - Dec 2, 2007
It's "the first and only" victory in a raft of cases that meat-packing giant Hormel, which makes Spam, has brought against software companies, says Spam Arrest's attorney, Derek Newman. Some others settled, while many have been waiting for the outcome of Spam Arrest's bout. The case was widely watched in the world of trademark law because the evolution of the word spam created "kind of an unusual situation," says Graham & Dunn attorney Michael Atkins, who writes a blog on the subject. Read more about Spam Arrest
Spam lawsuit's last laugh is at Hormel's expense
Trading Markets - Nov 30, 2007
Hormel said it was disappointed, but officials wouldn't comment on what the decision means to the company. "Although we understand and accept that the term 'spam' has taken on new meaning in recent years, it is important to remember that we created the Spam brand more than 70 years ago and have invested significantly to build, support and protect the brand," Hormel spokeswoman Julie Craven said. Read more about Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest
SlashDot - Nov 30, 2007
StarTribune site covers a significant setback for the Hormel food company, in a case that's being closely watched by security companies across the country. Seattle-based Spam Arrest has gone up against the creator of the food substance in court, fighting for the right to use the word spam in its company name. Read more about Spam Arrest
Spam not just for eating anymore
United Press International - Nov 29, 2007
Spam Arrest attorney Derek Newman says the ruling clears the way for other companies to use the word in trademarked product names when battling Internet spam. "Spam Arrest fought this battle for the whole software industry," Newman told the Star Tribune. "The case is limited to the e-mail usage of the word spam, which will not detract from the fame associated with Hormel's meat products trademark." Read more about Spam Arrest
Seattle's Spam Arrest wins trademark suit with Hormel
Seattle PI - Technology Briefing - Nov 28, 2007
Spam Arrest LLC, a Seattle-based e-mail control software company, has won a lawsuit against Hormel over the SPAM trademark, the company said Wednesday. Read more about Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest wins trademark case vs Hormel
Reuters - Oct 28, 2007
"Consumers are smarter than to confuse us with the source for meat called spam," Spam Arrest Chief Executive Brian Cartmell said in a statement. Read more about Spam Arrest
Hormel must share Spam name
Post-Bulletin - Oct 27, 2007
In explaining why his company fought the much-larger Hormel for so long, Spam Arrest CEO Brian Cartmell said, "Spam Arrest made a decision that we would not be bullied." Spam Arrest
Challenge-Response Surpasses Other Anti-Spam Technologies in Performance, User Satisfaction and Reliability
Brockmann & Company, aresearch and consulting firm - Jul 17, 2007
"Challenge-Response-(Spam Index: 160): This technology allows email fromknown senders to pass directly to protected users. In some cases, outbound email is monitored to add those addressees to the known sender list. First time senders, which include virtually all spam, are challenged with a reply email requesting that the sender reply to the message in order to assure the original email is delivered. Vendors in this category include Sendio and SpamArrest." Read More of this Story about SpamArrest

Saving 'Spam:' Hormel's Fight to Protect Its Famous Product's Name
ABC News - Nightline - Mar 2, 2007
"Spam Arrest eliminates obnoxious e-mails by blocking them before they reach your mailbox," said Derek Newman, an attorney who is handling the case before a federal panel that resolves trademark disputes. "Hormel and the rest of the world should be happy that Spam Arrest is around to eliminate the obnoxious e-mail." Read more...
Stop Spam Before It Stops You
Small Business Computing - Feb 6, 2007
For Gerard Braud, the solution came to him at a conference, where a colleague told him about an anti-spam product called Spam Arrest. Braud tried it out and was sold. "It's a miracle," he says. "I don't know how they do it, but for pennies a day, I no longer have to sort through ads for Viagra and home mortgages. On the average day, it catches 400 pieces of junk e-mail." Read more...
Battelle on SpamArrest
Seattle Times - Venture Blog - Jan 17, 2007
John Battelle wonders if Seattle-based SpamArrest has cornered the market on blocking e-mail Spam. Read more...
"Essential" Pick
Uncle Mark - 2007 Gift Guide - Nov 1, 2006
Good, reliable anti-spam-mail service. It's a "white list", which means that only approved people can get through. Read more...
Point of View: Why Spam Filters Don't Work
Messaging Pipeline - July 4, 2005
The solution to the spam problem is not another filter, but to utilize a different method entirely -- the challenge/response system. Read more...
The Enterprise: Is This the Solution for SPAM
DM Review Magazine - June 2005
Overnight my life has changed! I no longer receive 500 to 600 messages a day, of which only two to three percent are valid. Today, 100 percent of the e-mail that I receive is valid. This is simple technology, yet it works so elegantly. There may be better solutions to the spam problem out there, but I have not seen them. This seems to be the solution for me. It may also be the solution to your spam problem. Read more...
Keep Your Work From Home Newsletter From Being A Spam Filter Casualty
WebProNews - May 12, 2005
My personal favorite is Spam Arrest, because it offers you total control over your inbox. Read more...
Company Tries to purge Web Criticism
ABC News - May 12, 2005
Brian Cartmell, chief executive of Spam Arrest LLC, said the posts in question reflect past practices, but people who read them today might mistakenly believe the policies are current. Read more...
An arresting development in daily war against spam
Seattle Times - April 18, 2005
The Result: Spam Arrest customers receive e-mail only from people who verify themselves. Read more...
E-Mail users are getting used to spam
übergizmo - April 10, 2005
I recently noticed that more and more people are using spamarrest, a service that put itself between your mailbox and the senders. Read more...
Test your friends' reading ability with Spam Arrest
Lifehacker - January 28, 2005
The great thing about Spam Arrest is that you will never get spam again. Read more...
The Newest Front in the Anti-Spam Wars
E-Commerce Times - September 5, 2003
Challenge-response works differently. Rather than using a multitude of rules to determine what may or may not be spam, the software takes the approach of a club bouncer to keep undesirables out. Read more...
The Online Guy: Al Gibes - Anti-spam vigilante strikes back
Las Vegas Review-Journal - August 4, 2003
Personally, I'm a much more efficient and happy Netizen since I started using Spam Arrest, putting me in better control of my in-box. Read more...
Famed hacker endorses Spam Arrest
Toronto Star - August 4, 2003
So what does [Kevin] Mitnick, former hacker supremo, use to guard against spam? "I use Spam Arrest," he told The Guardian. "Any legitimate person who wants to send me a message has to jump through hoops before they can be added to my opt-in list." Read more...
In this corner of Minnesota, it's Spam vs. spam
Chicago Tribune - July 30, 2003
"Everybody refers to it as spam. Judges call it spam. You ask people on the street, everybody tells you it's the stuff that hits your e-mail boxes. It is generic," said Derek Newman, a Seattle attorney representing SpamArrest, which is marketing computer software designed to block spam. Read more...
Hormel Sues SpamArrest Over Name
Los Angeles Times - July 30, 2003
SpamArrest spokesperson Allen Priaulx said. "Everyone in the world considers junk e-mail spam- it's a ubiquitous term. So we called the company SpamArrest." Read more...
Spam: Don't Butcher its Name
Wired News - July 30, 2003
SpamArrest, which specializes in blocking junk e-mail or "spam," filed papers to trademark its corporate name early this year. Hormel then sent the company a warning to drop the word "Spam." SpamArrest refused. Read more...
Innocents suffer in war on spam
Detroit Free Press - July 11, 2003
More specifically, you have to prove you're not a robot, an automatic spam-sending computer program that spews out junk messages touting pornographic Web sites or Viagra or get-rich-quick schemes. Read more...
Eat SPAM, Say Spam, Just Don't Try to Trademark Spam: Hormel
DM News - July 9, 2003
Brian Cartmell, president/CEO of SpamArrest, said in a statement. "Dozens of companies use the word 'spam' in their legal and commercial names, and no one confuses any of us with the Hormel canned meat product." Read more...
A can of worms
The Age - July 8, 2003
Spam Arrest LLC, a Seattle technology company that provides spam-blocking software for email users. Read more...
The Beef Over 'Spam'
TechTV - July 7, 2003
SpamArrest, the Seattle-based, self-proclaimed defender of your inbox.
Protecting Its Proprietary Pork
Washington Post - July 1, 2003
[Hormel] added that Spam Arrest's name so closely resembles that of its lunch meat that the public might become confused, or might think that Hormel endorses Spam Arrest's products. Read more...
Arresting Spam: Seattle's Spam Arrest Practically Eliminates Spam
Seattle 24x7 - June 24, 2003
Book 'em, Spamo...Seattle's Spam Arrest has effectively put an end to Spam as we know it. Read more...
You've got spam! Here's a new reply
Los Angeles Times - June 19, 2003
Turning on challenge-response for the first time is like going from a chaotic room with everyone shouting at one another to a quiet cottage with only the occasional welcome visitor. Read more...
Court denies Mailblocks' injunction request
News.com - June 12, 2003
A Washington district court this week denied a request for a preliminary injunction by Mailblocks, an antispam software company that claims rival Spam Arrest is violating its patented technology. Read more...
Knox ad executive sold on message filter
Knoxville News Sentinel - June 9, 2003
[Spam Arrest has] eliminated some of that time and frustration, so now everything that comes into the in-box I know is legitimate. I don't question it. Read more...
The Online Guy: Al Gibes - Software stops spam in its tracks
Las Vegas Review-Journal - May 5, 2003
The average Internet user gets about 1,500 unwanted e-mail messages a year, promising everything from lower mortgage rates to cheap prescriptions to enhanced, enlarged or improved body parts. I get that many a week. Or at least I used to. Read more...
Don't let spammers take over your email
New Zealand Herald - March 28, 2003
This week we look at five spam-fighting tools in the war against Captain Bob and his ilk... [Spam Arrest] was by far the most effective spam-blocking tool. Read more...
Spam Arrest lets you pick the senders you'll block
Seattle Times - March 1, 2003
[Spam Arrest] has one cool feature most of its competitors lack: a real-life tech-support person... Having an open connection to the company makes a huge difference as to the integrity of the program. Read more...
Spam Should Be Driving Technical Innovation
eWeek - January 14, 2003
Current techniques of keyword filtering and server blacklisting have ongoing problems with false negatives and false positives. Meanwhile, white-list approaches such as the Turing Test used by Spam Arrest LLC are another promising approach. Read more...
Turing tests filter spam email
NewScientist.com - January 3, 2003
Simple tests designed to distinguish computers from humans are increasingly being used to clamp down on unsolicited, or "spam", email advertising. Read more...
Review - Spam Arrest
WebmasterBase.com - November 7, 2002
Spam Arrest seems a simple yet effective solution to fight unwanted email. Read more...
Cool Site of the Day - October 11, 2002
I signed up for Spam Arrest a few weeks ago and my attitude towards checking e-mail has improved 1,000%. Read more...

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