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The following are excerpts from selected blogs featuring Spam Arrest. Links have been provided where available.

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Spam-Blocking Service Pays Customers - July 17, 2012
Seattle-based Spam Arrest LLC scored a victory over unwanted-email spam in settling a lawsuit against a mass-marketing firm, and is distributing cash from the settlement to its customers. In many cases, the customers will receive amounts that are much more than they paid for the Spam Arrest service itself. The defendant in the lawsuit also agreed to stop sending unwanted email to Spam Arrest customers. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Internet Search Works - March 30, 2010
Internet DesignWorks, SearchWorks and other companies we are affiliated with using Spam Arrest cut our spam from almost 10,000 spam emails a week to 300 valid emails. You are also able to allow email by domain name (e.g. anything ending in @yourdomainname.com) I have been so impressed with Spam Arrest, that I offer it on all our company websites. Spam Arrest will allow you to regain control of your email inbox . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
F&*K You Spam!
John Hostler - January 14, 2009
For the past several months I have felt overwhelmed by spam. I have been convinced that I get WAY more spam than actual messages I give a shit about . . . I decided to test out spamarrest . . . I feel liberated and can finally say, "F&*k you spam!" My inbox and BlackBerry are MUCH cleaner and I don't come back to an inbox littered with hundreds of emails after having spent just an hour with the family. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Finally - I've defeated the email productivity monster once and for all!
Conxentric - August 3, 2008
The light bulb went off! I could've stopped this whole SPAM problem a long time ago, if I had just taken a few minutes to seriously learn about and try out SpamArrest - an ingenious solution to the SPAM problem (I wish I'd thought of it - it's an elegant, ingenious tool). . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Internet: SpamArrest
NerdBoyTV Internet: Spam Arrest - July 27, 2008
In this episode of NerdBoyTV, Ryan Yee talks about SpamArrest, an Internet service that does a terrific job of keeping pesky spam out of your email Inbox. Works GREAT! . . . Watch More about Spam Arrest
How I Dealt With 42,365 Spam Emails Per Day!
Neil Shearing's Official Blog - July 24, 2008
Until a few days ago, I forwarded all my @scamfreezone.com email to my Gmail account and downloaded the filtered emails. Unfortunately, Gmail got swamped. I had 1.27 MILLION emails in the spam folder. That's an average of 42,365 hitting the account every day! The spams were taking up 5.7 GB of webspace. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Bad Spam
Silence of the Clams - June 25, 2008
I manage over a dozen email addresses - and a couple of them have gotten onto junk mail lists, receiving hundreds of spam emails a day. Thank heaven for spam arrest which stops them from getting to my inbox. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Account Update from the Lord
Tech Forward - Entrepreneur.com - June 17, 2008
Use challenge-response systems instead. You've seen this system at work, I'm sure. You send an e-mail to someone and, right away, that person's system e-mails you back asking you to click a link to confirm that a real person with good intentions sent the e-mail . . . An example of a good challenge-response e-mail service is Spam Arrest. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Are You As Fed Up With Email Spam As I Am?
Positive Pelham - April 30, 2008
For those of you who've been reading my blog for quite some time, you know that I don't normally post articles about products. However, a friend of mine recommended a product to me the other day that I fell in love with. It's called Spam Arrest and it truly is a necessity for everyone this day and age. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Why Spam Arrest Has Made My Life Better
Photography By Ski - Apr 22, 2008
A couple of months ago, I sent an e-mail to a friend and received an e-mail back asking me to verify that I was not a spammer. I had to click on a link and then enter a word. From this point on, I became a verified sender to this person. I thoughtthat this was a very clever way to eliminate spam (and I get a lot). . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest: Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...
eThe Philippine eMarketer's Journal - April 8th, 2008
Before I discovered this lovely thing called Spam Arrest, I was literally receiving at LEAST 120 junk messages per day, per email address that went into my Outlook. I have SEVEN email addresses in there. DO THE MATH. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
3 Kick-Butt Tools to Unclutter Your Business Life
Chris Zavadowski's Profit Secrets - March 17th, 2008
I highly recommend you check out Spam Arrest. For the last 3+ years, this inexpensive, but powerful, service has been protecting me from hundreds of thousands of spam messages. In fact, in the last week alone it’s blocked 7,493+ pieces of spam sent to my personal inbox (our company email addresses get 4-5x that amount). Yikes! . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
Hormel won't appeal Spam Arrest decision
Kiger's Notebook - Postbulletin - January 21, 2008
We have decided, however, not to continue opposing trademark uses of the name for software designed to stop unwanted e-mail. We believe that our time and corporate resources can be better used to support this iconic brand and the versatile, nutritious and delicious product that it represents. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
TTAB Dismisses "SPAM ARREST" Cancellation Petition
The TTABlog - Nov 28th, 2007
In a concurring opinion, Judge Rogers delivered a few more swift kicks to Hormel's survey evidence. And so, Hormel's petition for cancellation was scraped off the Board's plate and deposited in the trash can. . . . Read More about Spam Arrest
TTAB Dismisses Hormel's Petition to Cancel SPAM ARREST Trademark
Seattle Trademark Lawyer - Nov 26th 2007
To this end, the Board found that Hormel had failed to prove its mark is distinctive when consumers encounter the mark in the context of unsolicited commercial email or products or services that address that problem. The Board also found that Hormel had failed to prove dilution by blurring or dilution by tarnishment. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
The Blog of Dane Sanders - Nov 26th, 2007
I had seen other friends take advantage of it before but I never got around to setting it up. The thing that put me over the edge was having an adult oriented image pop up in my inbox while I was holding my baby daughter. That was enough for me. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
NerdboyTV Broadcast
Your Guide to All Things "NERDY" - Nov 17th, 2007
(AUDIO BLOG) - My Inbox has gone from hundreds of emails a day to five. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Winning the Battle... At a Small Price
From the Desk of Janet Barclay - Oct 24th, 2007
It didn't take me long to see the value of the service and to recognize that it is well worth its price - which is less than $50 per year. It will clearly pay for itself, as the time I'm not spending monitoring my junk mail can now be spent on client projects or marketing activities. In addition, my brain isn't being inundated with multiple messages that I really don't care to see. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
What anti-spam software do you use?
Boagworld - Web Design Forum - Sep 20th, 2007
I'm looking for something that'll basically do all the hard work for me! So I came across a service called Spam Arrest today, and was impressed! Basically the first time someone emails you, they automatically receive an email asking them to verify themselves by clicking on a link (thus confirming they're human). Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
3 Weeks no Spam! :)
Open Source Photo - Sep 6th, 2007
I've been using Spam Arrest for 3 weeks and I love it. It even has these little graphs showing how much good mail is coming and how much bad mail. In 23 days it's saved me from almost 4,000 spam messages - an average of 166 each day! Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Canned Spam
Auberger.com - Aug 8th, 2007
I decided it was time to put the kibosh on this spam thing. I signed up for a white-listed e-mail filtering tool called Spam Arrest. It was easy to upload my contacts and pre-set a list of authorized senders. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest
Show Me Blog - Aug 3rd, 2007
You know it works. I had 852 messages sent to me and only 234 were forwarded to me. SpamArrest did not forward 72% of my mail to me because it was spam. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Mobile Email - To Push or Not To Push...
Mobile Messaging 2.0 - Aug 2nd, 2007
I use SpamArrest for my email and Nokia's built in email client on my N95. I've actually tested the timing on when mail appears on the server and to my device and it seems to be a delay of a few seconds. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Sometimes Spam is not Spam or?
Sly Marketing - Jul 7th, 2007
I am a member of a great service called Spam Arrest, they totally control my inbox and I am very satisfied with them. I have only been using their service for a few months, but I can really tell the difference Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
If You Need To Arrest Spam, Use Spam Arrest
Squidoo - Jul 2, 2007
Looking For The Best Spam Filter? Try Your Mail Sender's Brain. Every once in a while, though, I see something else. And when I see this, I know I am dealing with a smart prospective client. I see an email message that has been sent from Spam Arrest. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Delegating Just a Little
ADHD Websites Blog - Feb 28, 2007
SpamArrest isn't a free solution to your problem, but it's not expensive, either. In fact, it might be much more reasonable than you expect. But what does it do? It will force people to click a link to have their mail delivered, proving that they aren't spambots or auto mailers of some kind. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
SPAM - It's Not Just for Email Anymore
Real Estate Blog - Feb 27, 2007
This challenge-response method has eliminated 100% of my office's incoming spam. We just don't get it anymore. For the price, it's worth every penny. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
TTAB Hears Oral Argument in Hormel v. Spam Arrest Cancellation Proceeding
Seattle Trademark Lawyer - Feb 24, 2007
My strong suspicion is the panel will uphold the PTO's decision to register SPAM ARREST and deny Hormel's petition due to the widespread generic use of the term. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Preventing Email Overload
eMailMagic - Feb 20, 2007
Of the 600 emails a day I receive, I would estimate that at least 400/day are due to spam. Thanks goodness for SpamArrest! Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Tired of Spam filling your Inbox?
PC-Armor Computer Security News Blog - Feb 16, 2007
There is new technology to help you combat spam and one of them is Spam Arrest. This is a very affordable subscription service that allows you to define who you wish to receive e-mail from Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Sick of that Spam?
Jakowenko - Feb 15, 2007
I first encountered the site Spam Arrest by doing exactly what their system should do. I sent somebody an email asking them a few general questions. Low and behold I got an email back right away from Spam Arrest which showed me a picture similar to this. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Fearless Fifties - Feb 11, 2007
Although at this point, I feel like I'm on information overload especially when I look at the amount of emails I've subscribed to, not to mention the junk mail that I manage to keep at arms length using a great site called www.spamarrest.com Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Ignore & Repeat
PQL Blog - Feb 7, 2007
For my more important mail, I've used Spamarrest for years and wholeheartedly recommend it. It's a server-level filtering system (challenge/response) that doesnt require any kind of wacky plug-ins on the client end. I've never had a piece of junk mail actually come into my Outlook Express. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
STOP! or my SPAM will shoot
Jared's Bloggerin' - Jan 23, 2007
I was looking for contributors to the Gadget Panel website when I stumbled across a cool tech blogger. I decided to contact him, so I found the email address and sent him an email. I received an immediate reply stating that I needed to verify that I was a human. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Sick of Spam E-mails?
Lulu's World - Jan 19, 2007
signed up, followed the simple instructions and it was done. Since signing up with Spam Arrest, I haven't received a single spam email, not one!! Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Where's the @ At?
Business Services, ETC - Jan 18, 2007
So, my big question to all of you VAs who read this (or any other business owner who hides their e-mail address), what do you gain by not publishing your e-mail address? If its for spam reasons, I'd either invest in Spam Arrest or get busy on that delete key each morning Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Unlovely SPAM
There you have it, canned and virtually inedible. A ridiculous three-and-a-half-year crusade meant to "take back" trademark rights arguably never earned under the guise of trademark dilution, the law that made trademark a right in gross for the privileged few Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
In defense of Challenge-Response spam detection systems
HCI User Advocate - Jan 3, 2007
So, after giving up on all the standard solutions to spam, I signed up for SpamArrest, a commercial "challenge-response" spam detection system. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Using your time wisely is the only way you'll succeed...
@sk-SamKnoll - Dec 30, 2006
The next thing I did was sign up for a SpamArrest.com account. This has been one of the smartest things I have done in years. Now, before I go any further I have to give you some background here. You see, I receive mail through 14 different accounts at this point because of all of the web sites and services I operate. This leads to an incredible amount of Spam eventually. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Is Spam and Bulk Emails Slowing your response to customers?
active | rain - Dec 27, 2006
You can use a service like SPAMARREST, this has proved very effective for us, and way better than any SPAM filter on a mail box. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Don't Let SPAM Ruin Your Holiday
Geekmom's Snark the News Blog - Dec 26, 2006
SPAMArrest stops spaammers by forcing a person to click on a link or enter a code. Once a friend is self-authorized or white-listed by you then you can read their emails without interference and you no longer need to worry about stupid SPAMMERS. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Learning to Swim While Drowning in Spam
Casey Blog - Dec 14, 2006
I already knew I got a lot of spam, probably more than many since I have multiple email accounts, manage domains that default to my email, and have recklessly shared my own email address online for many years. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
Spam Arrest - part 2
patrickWeb - Dec 6, 2006
Around August 1 I started using spamarrest. All email addressed to john@patrickweb.com gets automatically picked up from my mail server by spamarrest. For everyone in my contact list (2,800+ people), their email comes through to my inbox with no problem. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
9 out of 10 e-mails now spam
BitchNews - Nov 27, 2006
I myself using Spamarrest to stop the spam overflow into my inbox, works good for me, maybe not perfect as a few mails might get lost but eases the pain of not having to check 100 spam mails each day. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest
SpamArrest Results
Ben Catt - Chorley UK - Oct 23, 2006
After just under 6 days of using SpamArrest I am seeing the huge benefits. It's quite satisfying to see that these spammers are having zero luck getting their ridiculous advertisements into my email inbox. Read More of this Blog about Spam Arrest

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