Email Settings and Configuration

Spam Arrest

Setting up your email program to work with Spam Arrest is a quick and easy process. The settings you need to know are the same for all email programs, and are shown here.

Incoming Mail

The Incoming Mail server is used to download your email from Spam Arrest into your email program.

You may use either POP or IMAP.

You can also access your email at any time using the webmail system. However, If you are using POP and do not have the -leave on server- feature enabled, messages that you have already downloaded into your email program will not be available via webmail or IMAP."

Outgoing Mail

The Outgoing Mail server is used to send email from your email program.

We recommend using the Spam Arrest outgoing email server, which will automatically whitelist anyone that you send an email to, so that they can reply to you without having to complete the verification process.

* You must enable authentication for the outgoing mail configuration.
** Some ISPs block access to port 25. If you are having problems connecting to the outgoing mail server, you may use port 587 or port 2525 instead.

For instructions on how to configure these settings in your specific email program, please see the options below.

My Email Program is:

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