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Internet Users Reach "Spam Frustration Quota" (Sfq) And Create Explosive Growth For Spamarrest Junk Email Blocking System

Seattle, Washington -- June 6, 2003

Spam Arrest LLC (www.spamarrest.com) said today subscriptions to its Internet junk email blocking system are growing by more than 20% per month. The company credits the jump to the fact that individuals have reached their SFQ or "spam frustration quota" while families are increasingly concerned about inappropriate email content and businesses are worried that productivity is suffering because of the time workers spend deleting unwanted email.

"We estimate that over 70 percent of all email today is spam," said Brian Cartmell, President and CEO of Spam Arrest LLC. "Since we monitor email traffic for thousands of subscribers, we see this figure growing -- and there is no end in sight because there are so few barriers to entry for spammers."

"When people reach their SFQ, they seek an effective way to solve their anger," Mr. Cartmell said. "Plus, parents have an increasing worry that their children are being exposed to all kinds of sexual come-ons and other highly inappropriate content, so they've been signing up for our Spam Arrest product, which is a super fast, non-intrusive barrier against junk email," he said. "We expect to double our subscription rate in the next three months."

Mr. Cartmell said that proposed legislation to limit spam is both ineffective and dangerous. "While we are opposed to certain types of spam, such as inappropriate or dangerous information sent to children, government-imposed restrictions are not the answer. People should have the right to choose what they want to receive, not to have it dictated by the government. Spam is a complex issue and our goal is to give people the power to manage the email process themselves -- not to have bureaucrats manage it for them."

While Spam Arrest LLC is experiencing its greatest growth among the millions of individual and family email users, its Spam Arrest Enterprise solution is also exploding. "Spam has begun to impact worker productivity, and managers are looking for simple, inexpensive and effective solutions. We are perfect for the smaller enterprise because the system is flexible and is essentially 100 percent effective," Cartmell said.

Spam Arrest uses a "challenge response" system to screen out unwanted email. Legitimate senders verify themselves (the "challenge") and upon successful verification, the message is sent immediately to the subscriber's inbox. Since computers cannot answer the challenge, automated spam is rejected.


Spam Arrest LLC is a Seattle-based company that has developed a simple, patent-protected and affordable system that efficiently stops spam. The company has grown substantially and steadily since its 2001 launch, while expanding services and increasing functionality. Spam Arrest continues to monitor automated junk email techniques and upgrades automatically as necessary to protect its users. For more information visit http://www.spamarrest.com or contact via email.


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