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Email Program Settings and Configuration
Setting up your email program to work with Spam Arrest is a quick and easy process.

The settings you need to know are the same for all email programs, and are shown here.

Server mail.spamarrest.com
Server Type POP or IMAP
Username Your Spam Arrest Username
Password Your Spam Arrest Password
Server smtp.spamarrest.com
Username* Your Spam Arrest Username
Password* Your Spam Arrest Password
Server Port 25, 587, or 2525**

* - You must enable authentication for the outgoing mail configuration.

** - Some ISPs block access to port 25. If you are having problems connecting to the outgoing mail server, you may use port 587 or port 2525 instead.

For instructions on how to configure these settings in your specific email program, please see the options below.

My Email Program is:
Microsoft Outlook 97
Microsoft Outlook 2000
Microsoft Outlook 2002
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook Express 5
Microsoft Outlook Express 6
Qualcomm Eudora 5
Qualcomm Eudora 6
Windows Live Mail
Netscape Communicator 4.x
Netscape Communicator 7.x
Mozilla 1.x
Other / Not Listed

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